Life means little without love.
The one you want to share your life with cannot read your mind. Symbols and gestures are a way to send a message.
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Flowers mean a lot to girls
Jewelry can last forever.
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Beautiful Flowers mean a lot to women!
Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
A box of chocolates makes a sweet gift!
There are many choices in gifts!
Sometimes the best gifts are the small ones.
A well-chosen book is a thoughtful gift.
Don't forget a greeting card!
Clothes can make a person feel great!
Remember that gifts are only a symbol!
Being kind and thoughtful shows you care.
Always remember that kindness is powerful!
showing you care is easier when it's not just words, but how you behave. If your mama didn't teach you good manners,She didn't do you a favor - maybe it's time you learned .
Looking good is a step in the right direction.
If you want someone to think favorably about you, a great first step is to pay close attention to your appearance.Clothes really do make the man, or woman.
Personal grooming is of vital importance.
If the person you are interested in is going to think favorably about a life with you, her thoughts will include clean teeth and how you smell. Fine fragrances are not just something to wrap for her - They're something for you to use as well. It's a gift she will appreciate.
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